Getting the leaves to the bin

It happens every year. The yard is so packed with leaves and it’s your job to get them all. It seems like an impossible undertaking. Its like staring up a big mountain that needs to be climbed. Yet, it all gets done and you are up on the ladder putting out the Christmas lights.

I long stopped using the electric leaf blower. It does some work, but leaves you with buzzy elbows the next day.

A plain rake does the job just as well.  All you need to do is to rake the leaves away from the house foundation and other paved areas like the patio into the lawn. You do not have to collect them yet.

The best tool to handle the leaves is actually the riding mower. My mower does not have a collection mechanism. It just spits out the grass clippings on the side. You start on one side of the yard and run overlapping circles. The leaves get shredded to bits and corralled towards the middle. You keep shifting the circle a little bit towards the other end of the yard. At the end, you have a few unbelievably small piles of leaf mulch lined up in the middle of the yard.


This is a very fast way to reduce the volume of leaves as well as very helpful for the composting process. Full sized leaves take up so much more space.

The leaf mulch can be easily moved to your composter by raking them onto a tarp and dragging them over.

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