Building a Cheap Compost bin

Composting is a natural process that happens to fall leaves over a few years. A compost bin really helps speed up this process. The first time I saw a compost bin was a demo setup at an Audubon sanctuary. It was something that would use a lot of outdoor lumber, metal mesh and a lot of cutting on a table saw. I don’t think it needs to be so complicated or expensive.

My compost bin is going to be very simple. The materials cost under $20.00 at Lowes :

  1. Poultry netting 36″x50′ Plastic $12.97
  2. 2″x2″x42″ Balusters Mitered (Used to build deck railings) $5.94

That’s it!                You can see the materials for yourself

The balusters have a nice mitered tip, so they can be driven into your chosen location like stakes.  I used the stick length (42″) to measure out the positions to form side by side bins like this :

The chicken netting goes around starting from the left side.  Trash bag ties or garden ties are used to secure it to the stakes. The front part of the netting can be folded back to allow access to the bins to shovel out the compost (next year).

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